Half-sour Pickles

Adapted from multiple on-line and Boston Globe recipes.

3-5 garlic cloves ( slightly crushed but still whole)

fresh dill  (3-6 sprigs – I like lots)

1 tsp whole black pepper (or more)

1 tsp whole mustard seed (optional)

2-3  bayleaf leaves

2 Tbsp kosher salt mixed into 1 qt water

small cucumbers – whole- as many as will fit in the jar with the seeds, garlic and dill packed in

Pack it all in a jar, make sure your salt is well dissolved  – pour salt water up to the top.

Shut tight (no need to can) and refrigerate about 3 – 4 days before eating.


I recently started adding mustard seed, but haven’t really noticed much difference.

Everything is optional, but keep the salt to water ratio consistent to get the right texture and brine flavor.   I’ve tried adding fresh cauliflower and beans to the mix. While it wasn’t offensive, it really didn’t do the trick as far as pickling.


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