Chanterelle Mushroom Pizza/flatbread

Chanterelle Mushroom Flatbread

Our Chantetelle crop, so far has been a bit sparse.  Will look again in a couple weeks.   We check the piney woods near the brook in the Mt. Washington area of NH.  They are easy to spot as they have a nice buttery, pale orange  color. The gills underneath fade down into the stem (not a perfect cut off- which could mean a dangerous mushroom), and they have a wonderful, almost raspberry smell to them.  Only found about 6-8 medium sized mushrooms this past weekend – a small amount, but a flatbread/pizza handled them quite nicely.

Chanterelle mushrooms sliced (cleaned well and sliced – get rid of any slugs).
garlic (4-6 cloves crushed or chopped fine)
fresh basil – chopped
small onion – thin sliced
parmesan cheese (2 Tbsp)
olive oil (1-2 Tbsp)
salt and pepper – to taste

Spread on top of home made dough on parchement paper – and cook in a 450 oven about 20 minutes I suppose a store bought flat bread or something would work, but never tried it.


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